See Kee's first van, allegedly the first car in Buntong village too. The standing figure is Mr. Cheng Chee.
Mr. Cheng Chee, See Kee's 2nd generation owner. On the table is a 'chicken skin' paper bag, first of its kind to have the biscuit brand embossed and also the trendiest bag at that time.
Traditional family business--See Kee, a renowned biscuit brand in Ipoh. In 1983, special hand-crafted biscuits full of Nanyang aroma were made in this house, thereby establishing a historical brand. Standing on the first right is Mr. Cheng Man Yong, See Kee's 3rd generation owner.
A picture of Cheng's three generations, signifying the success story of a Nanyang biscuit brand. Their whole life's endeavour has made See Kee a famous brand. Picture showing Mr. Cheng See (founder) sitting in the back row, Mr. Cheng Chee (2nd generation) standing on the right in the back row, and Mr. Cheng Man Yong standing first right in the front row.
See Kee wedding biscuits. We also provide iron tray and wooden box (centre) for the betrothal ceremony, as pictured here, together with the ordinary paper box
Patrons rushing to See Kee in Buntong to buy fresh-from-the-oven mooncakes before every mooncake festival.
See Kee is also the first mooncake brand to be sold in hotels in Ipoh. Picture showing Mr. Cheng Chee selling mooncakes at the special counter in Hotel Excelsior.
See Kee's first generation family photograph. Front row from the right: Zheng Mei, Cheng See, Cheng Chee and Liew Chung Tai. The baby in Cheng Chee's arms is Cheng Man Yong.
See Kee is the first biscuit brand to enter into department store counters in Ipoh's history.
See Kee's outlet in Kinta Market Place in the 80's.
See Kee is overwhelmed with orders during wedding seasons. Picture showing wedding biscuits ready for collection by a customer.